Owning a Virginia Horse Farm

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If you’re an aspiring farmer with a passion for horses, there’s no better time to get into the Virginia horse industry than now.

There are lots of options out there, but one that is growing in popularity is called “horse farming.”

Horse farms in Virginia are often large properties (acres) that have multiple barns and pastures so they can house many different kinds of horses at once.

To start your own Virginia horse farm, it will take some work and planning on your part as well as capital investment. The good news is that this opportunity has never been more lucrative or accessible!

Where can you find land for sale that has the potential to be turned into a Virginia horse farm?

The answer is online. Currently, websites like horseproperties.net and claibornefarm.com can help you find Virginia horse farm properties in your area.

If you’re shopping around for property to purchase and create your Virginia horse farm, consider expanding your search beyond the typical rural areas. There are other options out there that would let you live in a more urban environment while still having access to acres of land that could be turned into horse pastures.

The filters on these websites make it easier to search for different Virginia horse farming locations than one could imagine.

What is the process of turning farmland into a horse pasture?

For starters, you need to determine the soil type of the area and consult with a local expert about what would grow best in that soil. Also, consider whether the farm has water access or not.

You will also need to consider how your Virginia horse farm is going to be kept safe from environmental factors that could make it too difficult for you and your horses to survive.

A horse pasture is an area that is normally enclosed by fencing and closed off to other animals or humans. It can be closed with a gate, but it is more common for the horse pasture to be completely encircled by fencing so animals cannot enter from any direction.

If you decide to do this on your own, make sure you get all your permits in order before you even start clearing the area.

Once your farmland is clear, you can distribute grass seed or create a bed of wood chips and bark for natural fertilizer. Then, it’s just a matter of time until you have a horse pasture!

How to get started in this industry with little or no experience, money, or time?

The first thing you will need is land or property that you can build one on, but there are other options if you don’t already have property.

Some people who want to get started with a horse farm buy up existing farms instead of just buying the land for sale.  This is a great way to save some money and create an income in the process.

Other ways you can get started with Virginia horse farming include finding work at someone else’s horse farm or sharing land with another horse farmer who wants to split all of the costs. In fact, this is often one of the best ways for aspiring Virginia horse farmers to get started.

Some cool facts about Virginia horse farming.

Lexington, VA is the best place for horse lovers with the famous Virginia Horse Center.

It has a perfect environment for training young horses, as well as being home to one of America’s most popular tourist attractions!

There are 459,526 horse farms in the U.S

According to a NASS report, there were a total of 459,526 horse farms in the U.S. as of 2021.

The number is expected to increase since many young people are turning to Virginia horse farming as a profitable business and escape from the pressures of city life.

Virginia has the 4th greatest number of horses.

Texas has

It has a total of 978,822 horses on more than 64,000 horse farms across the state.


Virginia horse farms are an excellent way to get started with a business that is sure to expand in the coming years as younger generations turn for alternatives. Horse farming might seem difficult at first, but it’s actually very easy and low maintenance once you’re set up!

All the work is well worth it when you have your own Virginia horse farm and can relax and enjoy life. Owning a Virginia horse farm is no small feat, but with the right knowledge and a little hard work, you can get it done!

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