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Owning a Virginia Horse Farm Virginia horse farms offers an escape from city life with fresh air and open spaces to explore, which is why so many residents feel refreshed after spending time on a horse farm in Virginia. Owning a Virginia horse farm can be an expensive investment. Not only does it require money, but time and patience as well. A lot of people who are interested in starting their own horse farms in Virginia have never been around horses before, so they do not know how to take care of one or what supplies they need. This post will give you the basic information about owning your own Virginia horse farm and help you decide if this is something that is right for you. How to get started with your Virginia horse farm When purchasing a horse farm anywhere in Virginia, you should always consult a smart Virginia horse farm realtor (I am one of them). Then begin your search for Virginia horse farms for sale and choose the ones that have enough of land for grazing. Horses need to exercise and graze, so the more land they have the better and the less it will cost you. Many of the finest horse farms for sale in Virginia are located within the Shenandoah Valley which was once known as the breadbasket of the nation. And please, make sure you find a stable home where there is plenty of room for your horse to run around in an open pasture or meadow as well as access to fresh water!!! Horse breeds that are best for riding and racing: There are many different types of horses including the Arabian, American Quarter Horse, and Andalusian. Each breed has its own unique set of abilities that make them suitable for a specific type of riding or racing. A good horse to start with is an Arabian because they are known as desert horses and come from hot climates so there is no need to worry about them freezing during the winter. They are fast and easy to ride, making them a great horse for beginners. The Tennessee Walking Horse is another good type of horse because it is well known for being comfortable and friendly with children as well as adults. On top of that, they are also known to be intelligent, so they are easier to manage. Horses as pets vs horses as livestock Some people have horses as pets, but others use them to earn their living. A horse is a good source of income if you know what to do with them. Some horses are also used for work on the farm and some breeders sell their foals to other people who want them as livestock. You can use your judgment to decide which path to take with your horse. What supplies you will need for an equine business? There are several things you will need to make sure you have in place when you look at buying your Virginia horse farm. The first thing is land as discussed earlier. Other items you will need include: Livestock feed - horse farms also require grain and hay for their horses. Hay is important because it provides the horse with roughage, which is important for digestion. Grooming tools - you will also need brushes and combs as well as hoof care products, so your horse always looks fabulous. Shoes - most horses need horseshoes because the metal protects their feet from where they may receive from different terrains they walk on. Tips on how to manage your Virginia horse farm including feeding, breeding, and training When you own a horse farm in Virginia, you should have enough horses to make it worthwhile. It is also important that the horses receive proper care and are well fed since they are not only family pets but livestock. And never just buy one horse! It will become lonely and depressed especially when the kids get older and stop riding. Horses need about 2% of their body weight in feed daily so there should be an attached barn or shed where you can store the feed supply. This way, you will never run out of feed because there is always a backup supply. Breeding horses should be separated from the rest of the herd to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. It is important that they are cared for properly so they can have their babies without any complications. Be sure you have enough funds to run a profitable horse breeding business. Horses are expensive to own! Conclusion The factors mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. There are other things to consider as you investigate starting your horse farm business such as whether it is worth it financially, what kind of insurance you'll need (if any) and so much more. We hope this blog has given you some insight into how to start thinking about planning out an equine property and all the different aspects involved in buying a Virginia horse farm. www.virginiahorsefarms.org

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